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When I moved to this country a few years ago, little did I know that this place would have so much to offer❤️ And even until a year ago I wasn't very sure what I wanted for my future.  Now, I know! Baking and Art is all I wanted to do in my life.  I feel blessed to be creative and love I what I do, while bring joy to someone else. 

3 years and Beyond...

Rufflesbyrosh celebrated our 3rd anniversary this year.  we lasted through moving states not once but twice! We lasted through plenty of ups and downs, and wanting to give up on different occasions. I've worked so hard to build this business and though it's been 3 years I'm still learning like I started Ruffles yesterday. I'm so proud of myself for growing this big even with a strong willed 4 year old and numerous physical and mental health problems! I would like to thank each and every client and follower both in Georgia and Illinois for constantly supporting and believing that I got this❤️ I will keep working on creating those gorgeous and delicious cakes for all your special occasions! #3rdanniversary #customcakery #customcakes #fondantartist #fondantcakes #buttercreamcake #atlantabaker #atlantabakery #rufflesbyrosh

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